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Released ailia SDK 1.2.5

Introducing version 1.2.5 of ailia SDK, a cross-platform, GPU-enabled, fast AI inference framework.

Support for Raspberry Pi

Support for the Raspberry Pi, making it easy to run more than 80 machine learning models from ailia MODELS on the Raspberry Pi. ailia SDK is optimized for the NEON instructions of the Raspberry Pi, enabling fast inference using ONNX.


Support for Apple Silicon

Mac binaries now support Apple Silicon, which is an Universal Binary for x86_64 and arm64.

lipo -info libailia.dylib
Architectures in the fat file: libailia.dylib are: x86_64 arm64

Support for installation using pip

You can now install the Python API using pip. You can install the ailia library automatically with the following command.

cd ailia_sdk_1_25/python
pip3 install ./

Formal response to opset=11

ONNX opset=11 is now officially supported. ailia SDK can execute over 100 different layers included in ONNX’s opset=10 and 11.

Support for new layers

ArgMax, ArgMin, CumSum, IsNan, IsInf, LogSoftmax, Range, ReverseSequence, ScatterElements, ScatterND, and SpaceToDepth are now supported.

Enhancements to the PoseEstimator API

You can now set the detection threshold when using OpenPose and LightWeightHumanPose. It also supports SingleScale detection using OpenPose for faster skeletal detection.

Response to new models

The opset=11 support will support the following new models.

MMFashion: fashion segmentation
STGCN: Action detection from the skeleton
CrnnAudioClassification : Audio Classification
Semantic SegmentationWithMobilenetV3 : Fast People Clipping
ImageCaptioningPytorch : Generate captions from images
BertMaskedLM: Proofreading of sentences
BertSentimentAnalysis: Emotional Analysis of a Sentence
BertNmr: Eigenextraction of sentences
BertZeroShotClassification: sentence labeling
BertQuestionAnswering: search for sentences that correspond to the question
BertTweetSentiment : Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Models and samples are available from ailia MODELS.

Download an evaluation version of ailia SDK

An evaluation version of ailia SDK 1.2.5 is available for download from the official ailia page.

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