Inspired by Lego Blocks!

Today at a VCCircle event, I heard something from an eminent professor which resonates with our thinking for Axiom.

He was describing that technology is becoming modular. Consider camera, apps and internet connectivity of the mobile phone as different modules. Now if you connect them in a particular way, you get a new product or a new service.

For e.g. In an electronic retail shop, you scan a barcode of the product you want to buy and send it to the price comparison app. The app tells you that this product is available at a lower cost somewhere else nearby!

The same components, connected together in a particular way, created a new experience for you, which probably never existed before!

It’s like creating new structures every time by connecting Lego Blocks in unique ways.

That’s exactly what we are doing with Axiom!

Lego blocks like Lists, Tables, Files, Comments, Voting etc. are available on the Internet for a while now. Products are also available based on unique combinations of these components. But still when you connect them in a particular way, you get a completely a new approach to solve problems. This approach never existed before!

On Axiom platform, you can plan things, manage projects, create IP, create contents, even buy and sell contents. You do all of these using the same familiar components. It’s just the new approach!

It feels good when your vision, thinking gets validated and especially from a professor of his stature.

Can’t wait to get Axiom out in the wild to see our thinking getting validated in the real world now.

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