The Axiom Tech Stack

Inspired by Trello’s Tech Stack, we also decided to bleed all over by using cutting edge technologies like Node.js, Express Framework,, etc.

After all, Joel makes a sound argument when he says…

We’re creating a product that we’ll be working on for the next ten years. Technology that’s merely “state of the art” today is going to be old and creaky in five years. We tried to go a little bit beyond “state of the art.” It’s a calculated risk.

So here is Axiom’s Tech Stack:

We are still in an early stage of development and this stack will evolve as we achieve further scale but for now it is serving us quite well. We are dealing with 3GB of pure table data for a client and response time is reasonable.

The Axiom development team did a commendable job in learning these technologies from ground up. We are in Sprint 12 (A typical sprint has 2 weeks) right now and product is almost ready to go live at one client location. Also we have been using Axiom internally for managing Scrum since Sprint 5!

How we are using these technologies in developing Axiom is a topic for another post, but for now we also believe…

“it’s a great time to be a programmer”

Are you a programmer and want to cut your fingers with cutting edge technologies? Join Us

PS: Axiom is in closed beta, sign up here to get an early access.

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