What is Axiom Finance?

Alex Hoffmann
Jan 19 · 2 min read

From 2017–2019, I worked at ShapeShift as a financial analyst during the height of the crypto bull market. During that stint, I also became the Head of Reporting & Analytics overseeing financial reporting and KPIs.

I assisted in internal projects ranging from treasury management, financial analysis, month end close, financial reporting, dashboards, implementation of an automated tax system, and almost anything else that touched finance.

After leaving ShapeShift, I worked closely with multiple Ethereum based projects — assisting them in a similar finance capacity. One thing became abundantly clear: projects don’t want or need to hire full time finance employees.

As the future of work becomes increasingly fractional, more workers will work for many different companies in a project or part-time role — not just as “freelancers” but as mercenaries for hire. And, simultaneously, more companies will embrace part-time, domain specific labor.

Axiom Finance exists to facilitate this fundamental transition.

👥Outsource it!

Outsourcing the finance function is generally more cost effective and flexible than hiring someone full time— especially for early stage startups who may only need the work for a few hours per week.

Instead, startups and projects can opt to contract out to Axiom Finance’s experienced crypto financial analysts, financial operations specialists, and accountants.

Some projects I will work on personally, some will be entirely owned by Axiom Finance contractors. All of our contractors are fully vetted and have deep domain expertise in the crypto space.

Our contractors have worked at ShapeShift, Coinbase, itBit, and more — we’ve been there before.

💰Financial Services Offered

Most services are similar to a “fractional CFO” — tasks a part-time CFO would fulfill to make sure financial operations run smoothly.

Axiom Finance services.

Are you interested in any of these services for your crypto project or startup? Reach out and say hello 👋

🤖 Future of Work

We’re currently onboarding contractors who specialize in finance or accounting, have some crypto experience, and live in the United States.

Here’s how it works:

  • 100% remote work

Interested in becoming an Axiom Finance contractor? Email me: alex@axiom.finance.

P.s: If you will be at ETHdenver, email me and let’s set up a chat.

Axiom Finance

Part-time, fractional financial & operations services for early stage crypto startups.

Alex Hoffmann

Written by

Axiom Finance

Part-time, fractional financial & operations services for early stage crypto startups.

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