Biden vs Bernie in South Carolina

There was no Election Fraud in the South Carolina 2020 Primary. There was something far worse—Politics.

Andrew Somers
May 29, 2020 · 3 min read

Regarding South Carolina: They have paper ballots marked by an EAC certified machine. Last year SC purchased 13,700 ExpressVote machines, which marks a paper ballot, verified by the voter before casting.

There was no election fraud in SC, nor did Biden need any. The pre-election polls showed Biden with a crushing lead before the primary election. And Biden had substantial direct and indirect support.

I worked for the Sanders campaign phone banking, and we called South Carolina residents in the weeks before that primary. I will tell you in the 6 months of phone banking I did, I never heard as much negative Bernie hatred as I did talking to SC voters. In particular, Black SC voters over 55 were telling me Bernie was "evil". Those were difficult phone bank sessions to do.

I was at a loss—why the vitriol? How could anyone prefer Biden over Sanders? The anseer is lengthy and deep. I’m working on a more in-depth story on the subject, but in a nutshell:

  • Biden hired Anita Dunn & SKDKnickerboker as his senior campaign advisor to fix his campaign.
  • CNN Commentator Bakari Sellers is tightly connected to the SC Democratic party. After AT&T bought out CNN, Bakari was promoted to a panel show aimed at the Black demographic.
  • Shortly thereafter Bakari also went to work for Israel, as a lobbiest with the AIPAC. Bakari is a staunch zionist, and he aggressively bashes Bernie Sanders every chance he gets, calling Bernie evil, yet promoting Biden.
  • Bakari is close with SC Rep Jim Clyburn, the highest ranking African American in Congress. Shortly before the election Clyburn came out with a strong endorsement of Biden.
  • Bloomberg spent millions in SC even though he was not on the ballot. His ads attacked Bernie (especially attacking the “socialism” and “revolution” rhetoric). As a side note, Bloomberg spent over a billion dollars over his short campaign—a run that appeared to be more about suppressing Bernie than getting Mike the nomination.
  • MSNBC is owned by Comcast, and Comcast and Comcast execs have given Biden millions over the years for campaigns. In return Biden votes in Comcast’s best interest. It should be no surprise then that MSNBC slammed Bernie and puffed up Biden.
  • And the topper: Black voters in SC felt that Biden was “family,” the guy they knew. They overwhelming voted for Biden. And in SC the Black vote was 61% in the primary. That is massive.

That’s what happened in SC. Not election fraud, just a massive push of political pressure, money, marketing, complicit mainstream media, and a demographic skew that was very favorable to Biden.

Another story I have coming out soon relates to the false narrative of election fraud, shown is countless memes recently. The numbers in those memes are false and artificially inflated to make it appear the exit polls had discrepancies. There were no exit poll discrepancies, it is just and part of a disinformation campaign intended to create voter apathy and demotivation.

—Andrew Somers

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Axiom Views

Well researched News & Opinion. Curated articles follow our progressive principals, guided by Truth which illuminates Fairness, Justice, and Liberty.