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Axis Tel Aviv event
  • Price — how much cheaper is your solution than existing ones or competitors? Can you save your customers money somehow?
  • Speed — Is it faster to set up or get results?
  • Internal Results — What can you measure that is valuable? Such as providing better data, more security, insights, tools, or other.
  • External Results — do you help your clients do something better with their customers? Such as to sell more, market better, hire faster, or similar benefits.
  • Team — Such as education (“we have a team of top PhDs in machine learning…”), experience or similar (“We have over 40 years combined experience in the field”).
  • Technology — What is special or unique about your tech — but make sure this is explained in a simplified way, such as “We have 4 granted patents on our computer vision software”.
  • Partnerships — Significant partners such as corporations, strategic companies, advisors and others that provide validation to your team and increase the likelihood of success.
  • 10–15 seconds (typical for first answer about “what do you do?”): Your one liner + 1 benefit
  • 15–30 seconds: one liner + 2 benefits + 1 how
  • 30–60 seconds: one liner + 2–3 benefits + 2–3 how + problem/opportunity



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