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Simple Ways To Make Your Brand Look Good

3 quick tips to engage your audience

Photo: Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Tip 1: Simplify your message

Ensuring your customer understands exactly what you offer — quickly and accurately — makes an enormous difference. It demonstrates respect for your customer’s time, and simply makes an experience smoother and easier. There is only one way to meaningfully achieve this simplicity and clarity: write, re-write, and re-write again.

Tip: 2: Invest in good photography

Even before Instagram ruled contemporary marketing, photography was an essential part of an effective communications strategy. Invest in high-quality photos and images that uniquely tell your story, and create a consistent style. If you can afford it, get a great professional photographer on speed-dial. If you need a more DIY approach, invest in quality lenses, and learn everything you can about taking exceptional photos. You should also assume the role of photography editor for your business, learning how to choose exactly the right photo, and how to communicate effectively with your photographer the feelings and emotions you want the photos to convey.

Tip 3: Add delight to your customer’s experience

I picked up a business card this morning getting coffee, and found a playing card design on the back that made me smile. The coffee itself was good (not great), but the quirky nature of the cafe furnishings and identity meant I am still thinking about it hours later. Delight comes not from delivering what you promised (though of course, that is essential), but from delivering above and beyond. Delight is an unexpected dose of happiness. Where can you surprise your customers and leave a positive impression that lasts?



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