AXNET lists ChainLink with LINK/ETH and LINK/TUSD pairs

AXNET’s Decentralized Exchange has now launched ChainLink’s LINK Token available for immediate trading, deposit & withdrawal. LINK will have the following pairs in our decentralized exchange: LINK/ETH & LINK/TUSD.

The AXNET DEX allows traders to get access to a high-speed trading engine, with a centralized user-experience, while keeping custody of their funds. Users can connect their wallet via Meta-Mask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Creating a New ETH account, or importing their private key(Not Recommended).

About LINK
ChainLink aspires to be the bridge between the blockchain world and current business systems. This bridge is known as an oracle (not to be confused with the Oracle brand of databases). Without an oracle for smart contracts, a business would have to completely retool themselves into a blockchain-based operation in order to be compatible with blockchain. Perhaps they will ultimately end up there, but that journey is long and arduous — and possibly unnecessary.

About AXNET:
Asset Exchange Network OÜ (AXNET) is a licensed virtual currency to fiat exchange with a licensed virtual wallet platform based out of Estonia. We service our traders worldwide by giving them the first hybrid trading platform that offers both a Centralized and Decentralized exchange that allows our traders to toggle between the two. We are listing traditional BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs with also fiat pairs like USD and EUR through our license and banking networks. We are also launching TUSD pairs for our decentralized exchange to give a stable-coin trading experience.