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Apple TV speculation — fall edition

Post-event update: We nailed it (pretty much)

App Store

This is the real money shot. This is effectively the single feature that, if done right, could catapult Apple TV firmly back into the lead, past all of the other devices that have begun to really pull ahead. Even Amazon’s Fire TV is now selling more than Apple TV.

Full Developer SDK

For app developers, like the iOS team at Axonista, this is an unbearably juicy prospect. Apple TV will be an entirely new category of device for designers and developers alike to come to terms with. A variable sized display that will typically be anything from 8 to 20 feet from the user and controlled by whatever update comes to the very minimal Apple remote is not something that most app developers will be used to.

Game controllers

With a full App Store comes games. And with games + TV comes the potential for Apple to compete in the console market with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. This means proper game controller support.

Revamped UI

The Apple TV user interface has had only minor, barely noticeable, updates since day one. It was fine for just a small number of tasks, but with the addition of dozens of TV and video apps, it’s become an unruly mess.

New remote

There’s such a thing as too minimal and Apple’s TV remote is too minimal.


We’re pretty sure that the new Apple TV will feature Siri voice control and, while there is some obvious low hanging fruit here around using commands like ‘Siri, fast forward’ and ‘Siri menu’, there are some less obvious but far more exciting uses to consider.

Apple Music

The new Apple Music app is notably absent from the current Apple TV device and we’re expecting to see it included as part of the revamp. Bringing the Beats Radio service to TV as a 24 x 7 live stream from the studio seems like a great starting point.

New name ?

Apple has a history of renaming products when the old name becomes too narrow (iPhone OS -> iOS, Passbook -> Wallet). Perhaps an updated device with games, music and home automation warrants such a name change.

Can’t wait !

As is always the case for these events, the Axonista Screening Room will be packed with Apple nerds and, with a start time of 6pm in Dublin, we’ll be watching with beer and popcorn — hopefully the last time we’ll be doing so on the current v3 Apple TV.



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