Asset Management Isn’t Sexy.

This week, asset management was a hot topic. Yes, you read that correctly: asset management, an admittedly boring topic was being discussed on twitter after Richard Bejtlich from Tao Security posted the following tweet:

His tweet was retweeting something from Joseph Marks, a Cybersecurity reporter for @Nextgov. That tweet said:

The discussion around this brought up the fact that asset management for cybersecurity has been largely ignored, mainly because, well, it’s not sexy. A few highlights:

Dr. Anton Chuvakin from Gartner said:

Daniel Miessler, who wrote one of our favorite posts “If You’re Not Doing Continuous Asset Management You’re Not Doing Security” said:

Ben Rothke noted:

And finally, my favorite comment from Todd Heberlein:

Now is the time where you expect the vendor (in this case me) to say “Hey guys! Just buy our product and problem solved!” But I’m not going to do that. Instead, my only ask is for those that are interested in asset management for cybersecurity to take a look at our approach. At Axonius, we are trying to solve asset management by connecting to all of the different security and management solutions organizations already have to provide a comprehensive view of all assets.

We’re a young company and we’re trying to solve an old, persistent, and sure, unsexy problem. We love talking to security professionals, and would love to show how we’re thinking about asset management from a cybersecurity perspective. We don’t use artificial intelligence, machine learning, or really anything shiny and buzzwordy, and we’re up front about the fact that our product is actually pretty simple.

If you’d like to talk and see what we’re doing, we’d love it and you can either email me directly at, message us on twitter, fill out a form on our website, or whatever way you want to get in touch.

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