Your (Unofficial) Guide to RSA 2019

An estimated 50,000 people will come to San Francisco in early March for the RSAC 2019 conference to attend sessions, learn about new technologies, visit over 650 vendors, and above all, party. The RSA conference has become a selection exercise….it’s impossible to do everything, so in this post we hope to help attendees make the most of their time at the show.

Note: this guide is 100% unofficial and is in no way affiliated with the RSA Conference. We hope you find this information useful.

Download the Guide (PDF)

All of the information in this blog post is available in the above PDF.

Parties at RSA Conference 2019

Last year we couldn’t find a comprehensive list of RSA Conference Parties, so we made one ourselves. We keep the party list updated, adding anything new we find.

See the list of RSA Conference 2019 Parties Here.

RSA Conference 2019 Schedule

Though the show doesn’t officially start until Monday night, there are tutorials and training sessions available on Sunday and Monday. All tutorials and training session can be found here.

A Few Highlights……

Monday, March 4

1:00–4:30 PM — RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest
Hundreds of startups submit, and 10 are selected to do their best 3-minute pitch. From the RSAC Site:

The RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest brings out cybersecurity’s boldest new innovators who have made it their mission to minimize infosec risk. Over the past five years, the contests top 10 finalists’ have received over $2.05 billion in investments. Head over to the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Leaderboard, sponsored by Crunchbase, to see how the winners and top 10 finalists have fared over the past 14 years.

Tuesday, March 5

8:35–8:55 AM — Keynote: Lightning in a Bottle, or Burning Down the House?
Dr. Celeste Fralick — Chief Data Scientist, McAfee, LLC
Steve Grobman — Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee, LLC

11:00–11:50 AM — Keynote: Top 10 Ways to Make Hackers Excited: About the Shortcuts Not Worth Taking
Paula Januszkiewicz — Chief Executive Officer, CQURE

Wednesday, March 6

8:00–8:50 AM — Keynote: Hacking Exposed: LIVE Bypassing NextGen
Stuart McClure — Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cylance Inc.
Brian Robison — Chief Evangelist, Cylance Inc.

2:50–3:40 PM — From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity
Dr. Amit Elazari Bar On — Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy at Intel Corporation, Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Information (MICS)
Keren Elazari — Analyst and Researcher,

Thursday, March 7

9:20–10:10 AM — Hacking Exposed: Hacking Macs
Dmitri Alperovitch — Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, CrowdStrike
George Kurtz — Chief Executive Officer, CrowdStrike

10:55–11:40 AM — The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter Them
- Heather Mahalik, Director of Forensics Engineering at ManTech and Mobile Forensics Course and Director at SANS Institute
- Ed Skoudis, Instructor, SANS Institute
- Johannes Ullrich, Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute
- Alan Paller, Research Director and Founder, SANS Institute

Friday, March 8

12:30–1:30 PM Keynote: Tina Fey & Dr. Hugh Thompson

RSA Conference Expo Hall

This year, there are 676 vendors exhibiting at the RSA Conference. If the average conversation at a booth is 3 minutes long, it would take about 33 hours to hit every booth (without factoring in time to walk to each booth).

Unfortunately, there are only 21 total hours of expo time, so it would be impossible to visit everyone.

The vendor list on the RSA Conference site allows you to sort by both keywords and topics, so you can go here to get a shortlist of vendors worth visiting.

Early Stage Expo

Located at the Marriott Marquis, the RSAC Early Stage Expo features 54 emerging information security startups, of which we are one. Please make sure to stop by the early stage expo to see a live demo, and to check out some of the other innovative companies you may not yet know.


Tuesday, March 5: 4:45–6:30 PM
 Wednesday, March 6: 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM
 Thursday, March 7: 8:00 AM — 3:00 PM

Click image for a PDF map of the Early Stage Expo

Meet With Axonius At RSA 2019

Finally, we’ll end with a plug. Axonius will be exhibiting at the Early Stage Expo (booth 27), and we’ll also be meeting with companies away from the madness of the show floor.

In just a few minutes we’ll show you how to:

  • Get a credible, automated asset inventory (managed and unmanaged, cloud and on-prem)
  • Understand security solution coverage gaps
  • Turn your security policy into action, getting alerts any time an asset doesn’t adhere to your policy

If you’d like to meet with us either before or at the show, let us know here: