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aXpire Launches Bilr 2.0, A SaaS Legal Billing Software

Bilr is legal billing software that enables law firms and solo attorneys to easily record billable and non-billable hours, as well as to capture expenses or disbursements.

The newly-launched Bilr software is a fully SaaS and subscription-based model, with simple onboarding and tutorials. Most of the UI/UX features are refreshed without impacting the underlying structure or functionality of the interface.

We understand the importance of having the chance to initially try Bilr without any charge- to test and see the benefits of having software for all your legal billing requirements. Therefore, Bilr can be purchased or can be used for trial for a month, without having to interact with the Bilr team.

Why Bilr is important?

According to ABA’s 2019 Techreport, over 74% of law firms use some sort of billing software. Legal billing software is becoming important as more and more firms are looking to save time on cumbersome administrative tasks. The process becomes a burden for the staff responsible for assembling the bills as well as everyone recording and inputting their time and reviewing the invoices before they go out. Thankfully, Bilr simplifies the process. It provides law firms with the means to create an efficient and accurate system for calculating bills, tracking time, sending bills out to clients, and processing payments.

Bilr Features

  • Voice Capture: Bilr recognizes the voice and transcribes the speech into text. Attorneys can use the software to record time and create invoices on their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones (iOS and Android) for routine use of important features on their handy device.
  • Cloud-Based: Bilr is a cloud-based software and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Whether you are at work or coming out of court, you can easily operate your law firm using Bilr.
  • Tracks Time: Time is money and firms don’t want to lose out on a single minute. Bilr allows law firms to keep track of time and log their routine and special tasks.
  • Screened Invoices: All invoices in Bilr using billing codes are screened by AI/ML that flags issues and errors for the law firms to fix before sending to their client. The software finds discrepancies with the billing codes, and compares them with the billing guidelines agreements to ensure there are no errors.
  • Easy Payments: Bilr integrates with QuickBooks, LawPay, Filevine, LawMatics, and several other applications to enable online payment of invoices, in-depth task and matter management, and more, through use of the Bilr software.
  • Performance Comparison: Everything that is measured, can be improved. Bilr allows you to understand where staff spend their time to help you compare their performances and find out inefficiencies, or even to create gamification and a competitive atmosphere.
  • In-Depth Analytics: With Bilr, you can access extensive data on the numbers of hours worked, fees earned, and many other metrics, helping give a bird’s eye overview of your law firm’s performance.

Additional Features

  • Billing Code Support: Bilr supports LEDES, LSS, and other billing codes for claims defense firms and other law firms working with enterprises that have stringent billing requirements. This helps law firms capture their time and attribute billing codes to the line items they create, identifying the reason for an expense or fee, which is also important for the enterprises’ systems to interpret an invoice automatically.

Role of AXPR Tokens in Bilr

aXpire burns ~5% of Bilr revenues on the behalf of its clients that pay for the services in fiat. This will be done in a buy-back-and-burn model with tokens acquired from the open market.



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