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Q1 2022 Progress Report — aXpire

The question on many of our community’s mind is ‘when PayBX’. The answer to this question is never. Read on to find out why.

We are pleased to share our Q1 progress report for 2022, where we will provide insight into what we have been up to for the start of this year. With this, we are excited to provide a sneak peak into what to expect over the course of the coming quarter.

‘Wen PayBX?‘

Over the course of the last quarter, as we’ve drawn closer to the anticipated release of our ‘PayBX’ app, we have been developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to support our objectives for the app.

In this process, we decided that we would rebrand PayBX.

Rebranding PayBX to [REDACTED]

Branding is a vital component in order for us to differentiate from others in the market. This rebranding involves not only the change of the name but also identifying other aspects of our vision for [REDACTED], such as our messaging, tone and voice. This has allowed us to ensure clear brand separation between aXpire, the company that engages B2B clients, and our new B2C crypto application.

While we will not reveal further details of the rebranding today, expect more information in the next few weeks.

Why You Should be Excited for [REDACTED] App Launch!

Our app will allow you to do the following, at launch:

  • Store your crypto safely and securely.
  • Buy and sell crypto with fiat easily.
  • Swap between cryptos instantly.
  • Spend crypto using the [REDACTED] card, powered by Mastercard that can be used globally (35 million+ merchants worldwide) and that is compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Earn interest on your crypto with some of the best rates in the industry — on some of the major cryptos, interest rates on [REDACTED] are higher than when compared with the likes of, Celsius and BlockFi.
  • Open an IBAN fiat account within [REDACTED] and use it to store funds, and to send and receive international EUR payments.
  • Leverage an AI price prediction feature to support your trading journey.

Through close collaboration with partners, we have been able to greatly expand the number of jurisdictions in which we can compliantly operate. In fact, [REDACTED] will be able to serve people anywhere in the world (with the exception of the U.S. and OFAC countries). Previously, we were only planning to launch in EU/EEA. Now, we will be going global, from day 1.

It is worth noting that we do have plans to launch the application in the U.S., however, it will not be available there to start. We have a significant number of the pieces in place for a U.S. launch (regulatory, licensing etc.), but we are not quite there yet. The wait-time post-launch shouldn’t be too long.


Naturally, this quarter will be 100% focused on ensuring [REDACTED] is ready for launch. We will be investing significantly in marketing going forward, and so it is imperative that we have solid foundations to work off, ensuring that we maximize returns in terms of driving adoption of the app.

Meet Up

On another note, last month, we had a company-wide meet up. This included employees in other areas of the wider business. With COVID measures seeming to dissipate, it was our first face-to-face meet up. This allowed for us to workshop and strategize key aspects of our strategy for the [REDACTED] app launch in-person, which was greatly beneficial.

Final Note: Q2 — The Beginning of the Beginning

Having briefly outlined some of the things we have been working on over the past quarter, it’s worth outlining what you can expect over the course of the next quarter of 2022.

We will be looking to launch [REDACTED] app on ██████, with the rebranding released on ██████, and with further details on the new features and ██████, specifically ██████, also released around that time.

Prior to the launch, we will begin deploying our strategies for both organic and paid channels to start creating awareness and acquiring signups for [REDACTED]. This pre-launch marketing phase will allow us to build momentum going into the app launch. Naturally, following the launch we will begin to focus on acquiring users and retaining them within our ecosystem.

During both the pre- and post-launch phases, we will invest significantly into marketing to acquire users and to drive adoption of the app, while analyzing and optimizing our campaigns to enhance their efficiency. During this time, we will also be at work to enhance the value provided by [REDACTED], working on the next set of features arriving to the application post-launch and that will be released as updates to the app over the course of 2022.



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