Introducing a strong blockchain project for the automotive industry — The Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP)

Welcome to our Medium publication, called “AXToken”. This is the first article for AXToken. In this article we’re going to announce our blockchain-based project called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token, the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT). The articles written here are produced by our in-house staff here at DASHUB Inc. DASHUB is the company that is working to bring you the AXP. Look forward to a future article dedicated entirely to DASHUB, their core business, and the story behind how they came up with this project. Let’s jump right in!

Actually, before we jump right in, I’d like to add a disclaimer. We’ve gone to great lengths to secure our legal team and advisory board. And given the current climate surrounding blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs in general, it’s important to note that our official website ( and official White Paper (linked via the website) remain the only official sources of information about this project. This article, and other articles released by this publication are for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for understanding! Okay, let’s continue.

DASHUB announces their blockchain-based project: The Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP)

We’re incredibly proud to be publicly announcing the AXP. Let’s start with a snippet from the executive summary of the AXP White Paper:

Imagine for a moment having access to a global online automotive marketplace offering hundreds of thousands of vehicles, financing, insurance, warranties, parts, and more all powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Now imagine that an automotive technology company with over 250,000 registered members, motivated by a vision to change the automotive industry and the car-buying process, was out to make that happen. That’s what DASHUB is doing, that’s what this project is, and it’s called the Automotive eXchange Platform.

Before we get deeper into the project, we would like to acknowledge that we’ve also announced the project on the crypto-enthusiast’s Bitcointalk forums, and we’ve launched our primary social media channels: Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. Pick your preferred channel and join us there. We want to hear from you — plus, we’ll be announcing all of our new Medium articles there as well.

What is the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP)?

The AXP is a blockchain-based project designed to enhance key elements of the DASHUB online automotive business. The first phase of the project consists of integrating DASHUB as the first interface for the AXP. This will be accomplished through a series of initial use cases such as a cryptocurrency wallet and deposit system, purchase offers, purchase transactions, and vehicle listings. Each one of these use cases is explained in detailed in the White Paper. The initial phase of AXP is being built out on Ethereum using the ERC20 standard for the AXT token.

Subsequent project phases include the architecting and internal research and development of our own blockchain. We are currently calling this the AXTchain (it’s a working title, so cut us some slack!). It’s during this phase that we intend to prepare the company and the platform for scale and mass-adoption by the automotive industry. Even now, in our current early stages, we’re having some very interesting conversations with potential industry partners. These conversations are leading to some awesome potential avenues for this project in the future.

We have grand visions for the project, and want you all to know that this whole project is built around the idea of scalability and mass-industry adoption, but the approach we’ve taken doesn’t require mass-adoption for the platform to function properly. We’re intensely focused on the initial stages and making sure everything works as intended before we scale, however, take a look at this snippet from the White Paper to get an idea of our vision:

Scaling the AXP Ecosystem
DASHUB hopes to use the momentum generated by the launch of AXP (with DASHUB as the first interface for the AXP) to scale the platform to the industry at large. It is anticipated that some of the companies that come on board will use the existing Vehicle Smart Contracts created by DASHUB, and that some of them will create novel Smart Contracts to be used on the platform. DASHUB has a long-term and expansive vision for the platform’s potential growth that involves:
- Automobile manufacturers
- Dealer management systems (DMS)
- Dealerships
- Fleet enterprises
- Auction houses
- Floor plan companies
- Financial institutions
- Insurance companies
- Warranty and vehicle service contract companies
- State and regulatory bodies, such as:
 — Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
 — Department of Transportation (DOT) and related agencies such as the National Highways Safety Administration (NHTSA)
 — Local law enforcement
- Auto parts and the performance aftermarket
- Autonomous vehicle integrators
- IoT integrators
- Auto racing
- Logistics companies
The team knows that such a grand vision cannot coalesce without a lot of hard work, hitting the pavement, and by cultivating strategic partnerships. This work has already begun with several penned partnerships, and many more that are still being developed.

Who is DASHUB?

DASHUB Inc. is a Delaware, USA corporation, and we’re a Florida licensed dealer. We operate, which we refer to as an online automotive marketplace. We offer online vehicle sales, on-site vehicle inspections (conducted on the consumer’s behalf), logistics (i.e., vehicle shipping and delivery), as well as supporting services, such as financing, and vehicle service contracts (i.e., warranties). Now while financing and vehicle service contracts might sound like standard fare for an online dealership, it’s actually not standard in our particular segment. Currently we’re focused on selling re-marketed auction vehicles, and many of our competitors do not offer such things as financing and vehicle service contracts.

The website was launched in 2015 as a proof of concept, essentially asking the question, “if people were given easy and affordable access to these vehicle auctions, which are essentially for dealers only, would they take on a little extra risk for potential savings of up to 80% off retail?” Well, we’ve been developing this proof of concept for a few years now, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

We also have some integration deals in the works right now that will be adding a whole new type of vehicle inventory to the site, this being the result of steady member feedback. We’re not quite ready to announce this yet, but when we do, we will send it out through our social media channels.

The DASHUB and AXP Team

We’re fielding a deep bench of experts for this project (if you’ll allow the sports analogy). We have our core team of senior managers operating the DASHUB business and producing the AXP project. We have support teams that include blockchain architects and developers, legal experts, web engineers, designers, community managers, auto tech experts, and DApp engineers. Providing our teams with the proper guidance, we’ve assembled a diverse and impactful board of advisors covering everything from automotive, ICO, and blockchain, to capital markets, regulatory compliance, and fellow blockchain companies.

Future articles here, in our AXToken publication on Medium, will include team member highlights and bios. So if you’d like to learn more about the team make sure to follow us on our social and messaging apps.

The AXT Token Sale

At the time of publishing this article, the private presale for the AXT token was underway. For detailed information about the token sale, we strongly encourage that you visit out token website:

More to come!

This is just the beginning for the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP), its token (AXT), and the project’s impact on the automotive industry. Sounds crazy to say something like that, given how much work the team has already done, but it’s true. We don’t just want you to stay involved with the project, we want to earn your support, and benefit from your feedback so we can make this project the best it can be. To that end, we ask that you follow us on your favorite social media channels: Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you for reading, and showing interest in our project!