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Axtronautes Guild — Weekly Wrap Up #3

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up, a weekly series where I go over all the highlights in our guild and scholarship. This issue cover the week of 30/1–5/2.

Key Updates

  • Our Discord Community is now Private
  • Membership Coins NFT
  • New Investments
  • No more SLP from Adventure Mode and Daily Quest Rewards
  • No more Management Program
  • Introducing The Rotation Cup
  • Building a Training Program
  • The Axtro Cup #2
  • A New model for Team Adjustments

The Wrap-Up!

This is our new format for our weekly warp up focused on our community.

Our Discord Community is now Private

We are now a private discord community. All scholarships will be available to members only. Along with this major update we also announced that we will be releasing a Founder’s Coin NFT soon. Only members who are currently in the community at the time of the lock were eligible for the whitelist. We’ve shared the link in #announcement to allow anyone in the community to apply to the whitelist. We’ve received a couple application. The deadline to apply for the whitelist was Monday, February 07, 2022 at 12:30AM EST

Membership Coin NFT

We are gating our community as we are getting ready to release our membership coin NFTs. We are releasing two coins for the community. Each of these coin will have future benefits and advantages.

A Founder’s Coin (GOLD)— that will be available for mint to:

  • All our investors
  • All supervisors roles
  • People on the whitelist
  • Additional Perks and Benefits only available to Gold Founder’s Coin members (e.g: Airdrop, Share of the revenue, and Exclusive staking rate, etc…)

The Founders coin is a coin to reward earlier contributor to our community.

A Membership’s Coin (SILVER)

  • Available for mint by every members of the community:
  • And in the future to the Public on the Secondary Market.

Being a holder of our coin will be the only way to join our now private discord.

New Investments

I’m happy to announce that we’ve received some additional investment from our angels investors in light of the new economic changes in Axie Infinity. These funds will allow us to grow the guild toward 200 scholars in the next couple of weeks.

No more SLP from Adventure Mode and Daily Quest Rewards

As you may know a couple majors economic changes were announced by Axie Infinity to fix some of the economic dilemma of SLP. Axie has also extended the reward from the leaderboard to $6,000,000 and all the way to the top 300,000 spots. These changes mean that earning SLP will become more competitive; but also that there will be more rewards for players at the top of the leaderboard and an opportunity to earn AXS.

Since the beginning we’ve always said that the guild function like an esport team and our vision is to win tournaments. So these changes are not going to be major changes for our guild. We are still operating as a esport team and our model is still a meritocracy that rewards the top players.

No more Management Program

This has been one of the biggest decision that we had to make last week. In light of this major change I want to walk you through the train of though that brought me to this decision.

For the past two month I’ve been working on a solution to improve our management/coaching program. One of the biggest realization from working on the program was that In order to build a strong management program we first need to build a training program so that managers could test scholars on what they were trained. We previously used the certification test from Hidden Gem Capital; but the data showed that the effectiveness of the certification was limited and it wasn’t leading to better performance.

We also had some issue related to incentives. When managers pay was linked to scholars pay by a percentage; managers were incentivize to focus all their energy on their top scholars and ignore the bottom performers. Overtime we’ve made some incremental changes in the guild such as switching to a fixed paid model but what it all came down to in the end was communication, effectiveness and scalability.

Despite all the benefit of building communities; discord can sometimes have some communication challenges. Timezone is one of them. Notifications is another one. Because of the notifications problem; a lot of managers have their notification muted and that leads to a lot of missed communication.

When it comes to effectiveness; The goal of the management program was to:

  • Improve Onboarding
  • Provide 1-on-1 coaching to every scholar
  • Track scholars performance overtime and do routine follow up to help them move in the right direction

We would have then used the “Lear, Fix, Repeat” approach to improve the program overtime. Unfortunately the communication was broken, we couldn’t find a solution that guaranteed that each scholar got the 1-on-1 coaching they needed, and it would have been something that is difficult to scale supervise and manage. So in the end the revampment of the manager program ended with the full removal of the program in favour of — I believe — a better and more scalable model which I call “The Rotation Cup”. In the end scalability was the leading factor that led me to the final decision.

Introducing The Rotation Cups

The thesis for the Rotation Cup is that a group of players can learn and grow from playing with one another and analyzing their game much faster than it would take one manager to train all of them individually.

Each Rotation Cup is a tournament that is pseudo-randomized. The first round is randomized but then at the end of each round, the winner are move upward on the brackets and winner and losers end up facing each other. This bracket system help create a ranking from the best scholars of the group to the bottom performer — and each player benefit from each match because they get to do a 1-on-1 feedback session with the player they’ve faced. The feedback session work similarly to a agile methodology sprint review where they access:

  • What Worked
  • What didn’t worked
  • And what they would do differently next time.

With this model; scholars are managed by scholars. This is a model that is easily repeatable, easily applicable and can scale. We will be introducing the first Rotation Cup this upcoming week.

Building a Training Program

Two guild members volunteered to help build our training program. The goal of the training program will be to help scholars move from Beginning to Intermediate to Pro. There will be 3 courses in total; and by the time a scholar achieve the Pro course they should know as much as a player who consistently rank in the 2000 MMR levels.

The 2nd Axtro Cup Tournament

We’re already launching the 2nd seasons of our Axtronaute Moonwalk cup.


🥇 Champion: 2,000 SLP 🏆

🥈 2nd place: 1500 SLP

🥉 3rd place: 1000 SLP

🏅 4th place: 500 SLP

Tournament starts:
February 11

The schedule is available in the #announcement channel on the Discord.

Axtronautes Moonwalk Cup

A New model for Team Adjustments

Making axie change been a very complex issue within the guild because of our investment model structure. This is something I’d like to address in the coming week.

We always try to buy the best axies on every batches; but with new seasons come new abilities adjustment from the Axie Infinity Team. That mean that some axies that may have been great before the season can be nerfed and not as effective in a team. That presents a couple issues to our players and team. Players can demoralized because their team is not as good as it used to and they are not winning as much. They also stop earning as much and that affect the bottom line for Investors and the scholarship. So we want to make team adjustment more flexible but there’s a major issue that has been blocking us from doing that until now.

The main issue that we have to deal with when It come to adjustments is that investors buy axies in batches to sponsor scholars. So a group of three axies are meant for one single scholar they sponsored. When scholars want a team adjustment; unless the investor sponsoring the account has extra ones, changing an axie usually mean changing the entire batch: the three axies in a scholar’s team. This is an issue that we plan to resolve with a new adjustment.

We‘re thinking of shifting the investment model from team sponsorship to Axies Sponsorship. The investors will have as many scholars as they have teams (3 axies per team), but this distinction mean that an investors wouldn’t necessary need to have their own axies in their scholars team — it will allow us to be more flexible when it comes to team adjustment; which will benefit everyone involved. We will soon explain how this model will apply to our vertical scaling strategy.

We also introduced Team Adjustment Raffle for Cadet and Trooper. Since we have a meritocracy; bottom performers have long complained that if they were to get the chances to play with a different team; they would be able to rise to the top of the leaderboard. This is now possible through our Team Adjustment Raffle.


Resources: Axtronautes Twitter | Axie Space Guild Twitter| Discord



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