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Axtronautes Guild — Weekly Wrap Up #1

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up, a weekly series where I go over all the highlights in Axtronautes guild and scholarship. This issue cover the week of 17/1–22/1

What is Axtronautes? Axtronautes is a multi game play-to-earn guild and scholarship. We lend NFT assets to players in exchange for a revenue split so that they can play-and-earn in-game cryptocurrencies.


SLP has slowed down our horizontal growth a bit, but we are still growing: vertically. We’ve slowed down adding new scholars for a bit and instead started giving more axies to our top performing scholars to help them earn more and multiply their performance. Our focus has been on our current scholars, and it will payoff in the near future when we open the door for more scholarships.

The Road to 5000 Scholars

My focus for the past few weeks has been to fix operational issues and automate processes so that the guild is ready to scale to a much bigger number of scholars. Some of the operational chalenges that I had to deal with within the past few weeks were related to:

  • Payout automation
  • Payment Issues
  • Discord Moderation
  • And Scholar Management — which also includes The Manager Program.

I have to say… I’m really happy with some of the changes that were made this week. Everything is going in the right direction.

Community Update

It’s surprising how an holiday break can affect an online community. Our discord activities have declined a lot since after the holiday break so I recently took the initiative to do a massive revamp of our discord channel and community. We needed incentive to keep moderators motivated and the community active on discord. A couple of bots and automation were added to smooth out ticket management, questions/answers, and the moderation of the server.

Here are some of the key changes that were made:

✅ @Moderators no longer need to assign roles. When member join the community they can get verified and get the @axtronaute role to start chatting.

✅ We now have automated moderation for issues like people posting Resume. Most resume will now be remove automatically.

✅ New members joining the discord no longer need to get a certifications, and following the social media pages are no longer mandatory to join the community. ( It’s optional). You can still do so by visiting @official-links

✅ If you have any questions about the guild we suggest that you start with one of our guide in #guides-commands. You can type any of these commands in the #bots-command channel or #general. Most of your answer will be answered there; but if you have additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out to a @moderator in #ask-a-moderator.

✅ You can now earn points for being active on discord — and with those points you can also reach different ranks and levels. This is going to add additional path to earn special rewards in our community such as SLP, AXS, a scholarship, axies or even a team. I encourage the community to share in the #suggestion channel the type of rewards they’d like to see. Giveaways are coming on the discord!

✅ We’ve also added a tournament bot. Starting today we will start doing monthly tournaments within our community; allowing our scholars to earn special prizes. Our scholar Tengski suggested the initiative and volunteered to be our Tournament supervisor.

✅ We’re growing and We need help; and many of you are interested in contributing. So we’ve added a new channel called #roles where you’ll be able to pick a role and start contributing. Head over there to learn more about those roles and see how you can get started today.

✅ Starting today we will be posting weekly updates about the community and start sharing our roadmaps with the community as well.

✅ We have a new schedules for the livestream + introducing a new programming for each streams.

Scholarship Updates

What’s New?

  • I completed Payout V2 two weeks ago which has automated a lot of the previous process for payment. This changes are making it much more efficient than before to gather all the information necessary for paying all the party involved while following our scholar rank rules. This process still require some manual input but it’s bringing us closer to automated payment
  • The manager role in the guild is no longer a percentage based position. Manager can now earn a fixed and higher income. That will allow manager to help with onboarding, scholars performance tracking, training, and weekly one-on-one. Managers will be responsible for their team performance
  • We now have +11 scholars with 10 axies and 40 energy. Every time a scholar quit or is let go; a top performer earn additional axies toward our forty energy goal. Ten axies allows players to essentially double their earnings. So this approach allow us to multiply the earning of top performers. We will continue to growth vertically until the official launch of the manager program and the first scholar report from our newly hired managers–it’s almost ready to go live.
  • All our dismissal announcement are shared now shared in#dismissal. We had to let go 4 scholars this week mostly due to low performance or lack of activities.
  • We’ve added two new channels to deal with #payment-issues and #ronin-issues for our scholars. Some scholars lost access to their ronin account; so a new channel was made to track this kind of issue. Since payments are still done manually; #payment-issue help manage these more easily. The goal is to automate the process overtime. There are some bot that can automate payment; but since we have a different scholarship model; their services currently doesn’t apply to our need.
  • We’ve been revamping the entire manager program. It’s almost fully completed. The total revamp of the discord was one piece of the puzzle. Now that we’ve automated FAQ and Guide. In the new program, manager will be responsible to track their scholars performances. The item that has been slow to figure out is the Scholar Report Card which will allow all manager to track the performance of a scholar overtime. The second item is a shared calendar for the weekly 1-on-1 where we can track attendance from either scholars and managers.


  • We’ve receive a lot of application for the managers roles and I will soon start to hire the new batch of managers for our entirely revamped Manager program.
  • Our official Onboarding Quizz
  • An Onboarding Guide
  • Axtronautes 2022 Roadmap.
  • The Axtronautes Gitbook Guide that will cover every aspect of our guild in details. It will be a reference book for our guild, Axie Space Guild scholarship and future scholarships within the guild. It will also make it easier for delegating responsibilities and onboarding new leadership position within our community
  • Payout V3 — Starting the development of the Automated Payout application. The goal is for the app to automatically claim, and pay all parties ( scholars, investors and the scholarship).


We want to post more content from the community. If you’d like to be featured in our next wrap up. Share your tweets and facebook posts on the #tweets-n-posts channel.

Resources: Axtronautes Twitter | Axie Space Guild Twitter| Discord



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