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Introducing the Axtronautes Founders’ Coin NFT Giveaway!

Axtronautes Founder’s Coin — The Gold Coin

The Founder’s Coin

Earlier last week we announced that we would be launching an NFT to reward early contributors to our guild. The Axtronautes Founders’ Coin is a limited edition NFT meant to reward the earliest backers of our guild. There will always be a limited supply of 100 Founder’s Coins.

All investors, invite masters, supervisors, treasury managers and managers will receive an airdrop of the token.

People who participated in the whitelist application and were whitelisted will receive the airdrop as well. There will be no future whitelist for this token. This is an exclusive token only available to the top contributors of our community.

The Founder Coin will allow members to:

  • Get access to our Guild Private Dashboard which will include a list of all our scholars, our daily revenues, and more
  • Get access to our staking dashboard
  • Get access to exclusive discord channels.
  • Participate in future whitelist (including whitelist from game partners)
  • Get early access to games and projects from our partners and sponsors
  • and more exclusive benefits

People who hold the coin will also be eligible for special perks such as discounts, token airdrops, early access, bonuses, promos and more.

Claim Your Member Coin NFT — Giveaway!

Along with the launch of the Founder’s NFT coin we are also launching a Member Coin NFT.

Axtronautes Member Coin — The Silver Coin

Sign-up for the airdrop of Member Coin starts on February 11 at 8PM EST and will run for exactly 72 hours.

To receive this airdrop you must:

  • Be an Axtronautes member on discord
  • Submit your Whitelist Application. The form is accessible from the #announcement channel on discord. You must send your application before the deadline.

Once the entry for the Member Coin giveaways ends; your NFT will be airdropped to the wallet address you provided for free.

⚠️ The address must be a metamask address (e.g: 0x13e…343a )

Missed the free airdrop? Here how you can still get a Member Coin

You can buy a membership NFT on the secondary market on platform such as Opensea on the polygon network. More Secondary market will be announced in the future on additional network such as Solana. Click here to buy the NFT on Opensea.

5% of each token sales will go into our Axtronautes Guild Treasury (e.g: giveaways treasury, tournament treasury, etc…) and given back to the community through community events.

What about price, gas and mint fees

The initial price of the connection will be $2.00 This is the lowest amount we were able to set on Opensea

Opensea listing requirement

The future price of the Member Coin NFT will be decided by the market. Any holder can decide the value of the coin in their possession and therefore the price of the token is set by the laws of supply and demand on the market.

Keeping gas fees in mind we decided to launch the NFT on thePolygon Network where transaction should be relatively cheap. MATIC Gas Fees are low and around $0.1–0.5.

How will the Member Coin NFT be used in our guild and community

We’re thinking about this coin as an exclusive membership within our guild. This coin not only represent your token of commitment to the guild but it’s also a symbolic piece of ownership. They can be used as a badge or proof of you membership in the guild. More value will be added to the benefit of holding the coin over time — especially as our guild grows. You will find below a list of some benefits we plan to introduce for holders.

Scholarship Priority
Community members who hold the member coin will have priority for all our scholarship. Our goal will be to provide a scholarship to every Member Coin holder before opening additional opportunity for other members in our community.

Holding multiple member coin doesn’t give you any additional perks; but you could transfer the additional membership coin to people you’d like to give a scholarship opportunity to.

Member Coin only Raffles and Giveaways
Community members who hold the member coin will be able to participate in Member Coin only giveaways (SLP giveaways, scholarship giveaways, axie giveaways ).

Access to Exclusive Events
Get access to Axtronautes meetup and parties around the world. Or get access to events or whitelist exclusively offered to our Member Coin Holders.

Discord Verifications
Easily claim the Axtronautes badge on our partners’ discord by verifying your ownership of a Member Coin.

Marketplace — Where you can get both coins if you weren’t eligible for an airdrop.

We are using OpenSea as our secondary market for the coins.

Axtronautes Opensea Account:

🔸 Buy Founder’s Coin

🔸 Buy Member Coin

Resources: Axtronautes Twitter | Axie Space Guild Twitter| Opensea



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