AxumGear — Update Mass Production

True Wireless Sports Wireless Earbuds Process

It always seemed unreasonable to us ( and no idea how others are doing it ) to release an unfinished product when we know what does it take to improve it and most important we know HOW to improve it…

In our last update we’ve said that all components remain the same, but we didn’t say what does it mean.

It means that we have ALL internal parts ALREADY, Yes! We’re not changing anything.

So the speaker we’ve planned to use is the same as the one we’ve been working on in the last months.

Nothing is going to be changed inside your AXUM earbuds.

The reason why it takes long time to make a product isn’t the plastic, metal, silicone or rubber parts.

It’s the internal design + finding the right components to create this amazing machine.

As we said in the past we’ve partnered up with a factory of hearing aid batteries to create our MarathonBattery, the smallest and most powerful battery.

The fact that the earbuds design was changed doesn’t mean we’ll replace the battery.

It took us lots of time to find it, test it and match the perfect battery to AXUM earbuds.


We’ve used the most advanced antenna, invented in Germany: Laser Direct Structuring. The world’s first 3D antenna that provide a bulletproof reliable signal regardless to the location of the earbuds or your activity….

And now for the most important part, the reason we’ve kept doing those changes was the PCB ( that’s also the reason for the delay in production for the biggest companies out there,

as you probably remember the BIGGEST player out there also delayed the launch in several months ) and the good news is that we’re done with it!

Now what does it mean that we have all parts in place and we’re not going to change a thing?

It means that we’ve started mass producing! Yes, we’re producing the PCB already and soon we’ll start connecting all parts together.

We can’t tell you how exciting it is to see the finish line, to know that soon people will be able to push their limits thanks to their AXUM earbuds!

We made AXUM v2.0 to fit better, but all electronics are in place and ready to be assembled already.

AXUM is already pumping and ready to roll….

Now we’ll cover this monster with a beautiful package and that’s it!

P.S — Here we’re testing some sizes to make sure your AXUM external package will have the best fit in the world, we thought at first that ( after we saw the initial render ) it might be too big but once we started testing we realized it’s gonna be PERFECT!