What is common to AxumGear, LG and Audi?

you know what helped us to turn our dream of revolutionizing the sports earbuds market into reality?

well, it wasn’t easy but thanks to some
unbelievably creative guys we were able to achieve it,
till we became the most anticipated True Wireless Earbuds
and there’s no doubt that the passion we had for the design was a major part of AXUM success.

Who are the superstars behind AXUM sport earbuds that made this awesome work?


1. Based in Seoul, South Korea

2. Founded by three designers: Soohun Jung, Jake Lee, Rich Park in 2015.

3. Specialize in Product and Brand Design, working with startups to bring ideas to life.

4. Work with a wide field of product companies, experimenting and pushing for unique solutions by finding inspiration from new perspectives.

5. Previously worked with established companies including Samsung, LG, Intel, Boeing, Haier, Daewoo.

Jake from ACASSO was leading our team >>


1. Based in Seoul, South Korea

2. Founded by Jake Lee

3. A product and brand design studio + A lifestyle products brand(In development)

4. Working with small startups to big companies, mainly focusing on consumer electronics, smart IT devices, audio, and fashion.

5. Previously worked with Samsung, Nespresso, Audi, Midea, and Harman International while working at other companies including BEBOPDESIGNERS.