Can we cure the world? 

Fortunately, the answer is we can. But, what the world is suffering from? There is a long list of diseases like cancer, stress, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension and so on and many more are yet to be discovered.

Today, medical science has sophisticated tools to diagnose the disease and best surgical equipment to cut open the body parts to treat them in world class state-of-the-art infrastructure. Doctors are studying in best medical colleges of the world, investing millions of dollars and government is spending billions to enhance the public health.

But, wait.

Just look yourself and people around you. Did you find anyone saying, ‘I am in the state of good health and blossoming with joy’?

The definite answer is NO. 99.99% people on the planet are not healthy; those not having any physical illness are suffering from mental, emotional, social or some other form of illness.

If you look at the entire situation deeply, we are missing something very fundamental which is making us devoid of health, that is, we have stopped listening to ourselves. We have stopped being close to ourselves.

So, It is high time for all of us, to go back to the basics. Let the nature heal us. Let`s stop making medicines our food. And let it be other way around. Let`s go close to our nature, listen to our body deeply and make our life blissful.



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