Vata- The dosha of Ayurveda

Kshamata Chavan
Nov 21, 2019 · 2 min read

The Vata dosha is one of the most important doshas in Ayurveda. It deals with important body functions like cell divide & many more. Consists of elements such as air & ether (space), it is responsible for energy & movement. Vata maintains the nerve impulses, breath, blood circulation, vocal etc.

Healthy Vata ensures in graceful, unimpeded, and controls body movements. However uncontrolled or excess Vata dosha results in erratic, excessive, decreased, or blocked body movements.

Vata dosha is light, dry, loose, cold, hard, rough, sharp, complex, flowing, and clear. A body and mind in which the Vata dosha prevails express such qualities. As per Ayurveda, people with maintained Vata are enthusiastic, music lover & creative. The Vata people have thin skin, dental problems, they mostly suffer from muscle cramps in winters.

In details, it is the sub doshas that functions the movements. It is also called as types of Doshas. It is-

Samana Vayu- responsible for digestive function.

Prana Vayu-responsible for sensory function, creative thinking.

Vyana Vayu-responsible for blood circulation & heart rhythm.

Apana Vayu- responsible for menstrual functions, bowel movements & sexual functions.

Udana Vayu- responsible for voice quality & movements of thoughts, memory.

Imbalance in Vata dosha will create problems in the above functions. Hence, Vata should be maintained. Ayurveda offers certain remedies that will help in balancing the Vata. It includes diet, herbal remedies, mantras, therapies etc. Along with Ayurveda, one should adopt an adequate lifestyle & maintain a healthy & active body.

Limit your meal on how much you can eat, try in eat dairy products that will help in pacifying Vata dosha, include all types of food except cabbage & sprouts. Have fresh fruits in between to keep yourself hydrated & active. Also, add spices, nuts, beans etc in your every meal. Do yoga & pranayama or go for stress buster toys.

Stay healthy!


Ayushakti Ayurveda | Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchakarma Therapies, Herbal Medicines, Diet Plans & Home Remedies

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Ayushakti Ayurveda | Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchakarma Therapies, Herbal Medicines, Diet Plans & Home Remedies

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