The Greatest Enemy

A brief purvey of illusion

Politicians are grumbling in Finland about the nature of immigration. The argument has become more refined: “let’s have immigration,” is now the message, “but without any Muslims, in fact we can have more immigration, but no Muslims, who cannot adapt and may end up going back and fighting for Isis,” or whatever they call themselves these days.

What a slap in the face to groups like the Muslim Kurds, who are fighting Isis and dying for our way or life — not theirs. And who are fighting? Over half the fighters are women, in this society without country, who afford women at least as good a social situation as Finland does — I mention Finland as a proud leader of women’s rights, the first country in Europe giving women the vote.

Kurd Muslim fighters prepare to go into battle against Isis.

But wait a minute. Kurds are Muslims, right? In the nearly 15 years since 9/11 what on earth have we learnt? Not very much, even by the most ‘liberal’ of voices. The argument about racism in society in the USA seems to have reverted back to goodness knows what year over Ferguson, though we know this racism is an ‘economical’ one, above all.

For quite a few in Finland, the main concern is that it won’t be white. Look at this election poster made 3 years, ago, asking if this is the kind of Finland wanted in the future.

Election campaign poster in Finland.

Compare the poster to the image below. The first difference I notice is the absence of fear in the second image. One fighter is looking directly at the camera, and the other has better things to do. Neither are looking sideways in fear of more Islamisation.

Kurdish fighters on the front line in Syria, fighting against terrorism in our name.

I agree, Finland is but one country of the west. But it is a country that likes to portray itself as tolerant and fair, with honest values that Europeans — and North Americans live up to. It is also a country with a 26% unemployment rate among immigrants, due to the lack of local companies willing to employ a foreigner — let alone a foreigner with brown eyes.

I have yet to see one Christian group thank the Muslim Kurds for protecting Christian Assyrians in both Iraq and Syria against Isis. On the contrary, the general tone is, “ok, help, Kurds, if you have to, but not too much, we don’t want to trust you.”

Kurd Muslim women combatants — fighting and dying in your name.
After the battle, social gathering of Kurd combatants to dance Hilperkê, a traditional dance similar to those in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Am I cheating by using only the Muslim Kurds as representative of the Islamic world? In my researched opinion, no. I have travelled extensively around the Middle East and find the West’s portrayal of Muslims to be overwhelmingly a radical one.

she puts her Kalashnikov carefully down
the sun melts into the horizon
she stands between you and destruction
and no-one knows
how she wishes she could plunge her toes
in a crystal clear stream
as her thoughts flow
for you, she is not even a dream
but only the river is not real

At this time, many Muslim countries and societies need our support for what they do — often to protect us or live in a modern society. There is too much hidden racism, behind closed doors.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Daniel J. Boorstin