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2 min readMar 23, 2018


For real world working with terminal, many developers use more than one window at the same time. Unfortunately, by default iTerm2 is open new tab with your home folder, but today we’re going to fix it.

Config iTerm2 to Open New Tab with Same Directory

  1. Click iTerm2 → Preferences → Profiles
  2. In “Working Directory” section select “Reuse previous session’s directory
  3. Try to new tab or press ‘Command ⌘+ D’ or ‘Command ⌘+ Shift ⇧ + D’

Advanced Configuration

As Derek Wood mention in comment below, we can more advanced config current directory for

  1. New Windows
  2. New Tabs
  3. New Split Planes

by go to “Preferences → Profiles → General → Working Directory → Advanced Configuration”

Advanced Configuration for Working Directory

Happy Hacking !



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