Anti Dump Comes to an End. Don’t Miss the Last Chance!

Dear friends, Anti Dump policy is just 9 days from the finish line. March 22 is the last opportunity to buy AZ tokens for the anti-crisis price.

Over the past four months, members of Azbit community had an amazing opportunity to purchase AZ tokens at a special price.

Azbit introduced Anti Dump policy when the crypto market faced tough times. Over the past few months, we have witnessed how Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum prices stuck in $80 pit, and the price of Bitcoin was going down to $3,000 point.

For the first time Anti Dump policy came out in November 2018, when “Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Battle” was running in full swing in crypto space. Then we extended the anti-crisis policy to make our investors a Christmas gift. And after the New Year, we reached a decision to extend Anti Dump for a few more months in order to support members of the global Azbit community as best one can.

Cryptocurrency rates have repeatedly tossed up and down, but we held down our confidence: growth is round the corner! Azbit always believed that cryptocurrency has a great future.

Today, we together with you are happy to see that the market is slowly but surely getting on its feet.

Anti Dump comes to an end and will be finished on March 22. Don’t miss a chance!

BTW. We recall that you are getting 10% extra of AZ tokens when paying for Azbit tokens with Bitcoin Cash.

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