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AZ Token Swap: Latest Update

Dear AZ holders,
AZ token swap event is completed. AZ token has been transferred from the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) to the Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX). Deposits and withdrawals are now fully resumed (FREE withdrawals until 12 AM (UTC) May 20, 2022).

We are glad to announce the contract address for our brand new swapped AZ token. MetaMask Instructions.

Please note that the contract address for the Avalanche C-Chain is the same as it was for the Ethereum blockchain.


  • Deflationary contract (attention: there is a small transaction fee charged by the contract itself)
  • Blockchain transaction fee: 1%
  • 50% of tx fee (0.5% of total) is now burned automatically
  • ️50% of tx fee (0.5% of total) is instantly and proportionally distributed among AZ token holders

Explanation: If you hold your AZ outside of centralized exchanges, every time someone transfers AZ tokens to another address, a small amount is instantly burned, and another small amount is equally distributed among all token holders.

In the coming days, we will announce listings on new crypto exchanges for our updated AZ token. More great news coming soon, stay tuned!

Azbit Team.




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