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Azbit 2.0 Development Update — April 15, 2020

Dear friends,

Our team keeps providing you with weekly reports on the progress of redesign and improvement of Azbit 2.0 exchange. Since the last post, the following changes have taken place:

The account security area has been further refined. The changes involved its transformation not only in form, but in essence. Customers still do not need to go through an identity verification procedure. However, they can do this voluntarily to gain access to the advanced features. In addition, verified members are entitled to increase their 24h withdrawal limits.

Work is also proceeding on trade history area and affiliate program area.

And finally, beyond making the above enhancements, Azbit team also focuses on the long-awaited mobile version.

Do you like the new version or would you like to get back to the previous one? Or maybe you have absolutely new ideas to share with to help Azbit 2.0 surpass competitors? Please share your opinion in our Telegram group or via email

Stay home. Stay safe. Good news is yet to come.




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