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Azbit 2.0 Development Update — April 22, 2020

Dear partners,

Azbit 2.0 launch, which is scheduled for mid-May, is getting closer by the day, and the team continues to provide a traditional weekly report covering all significant events related to the development process.

We are proud to inform that front-end and back-end integration has already been completed. A number of improvements have yet to be made (there is no limit to perfection, you know), but all further changes will be carried out in parallel with the QA testing. Next Wednesday, Azbit team will upload a video of demo version.

Meanwhile, engineers and designers are putting the finishing touches on the mobile version of the forthcoming Azbit 2.0 (the details can be found on the screenshots below). It will be 100% adapted for use on smartphones to provide users who trade “on the move” with an access to all the exchange’s features. In addition, our further plans include developing native apps for both iOS and Android.

Do you like the mobile version of Azbit 2.0? Please share your opinion in our Telegram group or via email

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