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Azbit: A View Of The Project From A Professional Trader And Investor

Everyone can see that the market today is tired of startups that seem to compete with one another in making the most outlandish claims. With their unrealistic promises, they do not offer the world of finance anything truly valuable, that both experienced players and novices might need. This is why Azbit is working in close cooperation with professionals from various industries: who better to give a sober assessment of the project?

One such professional is our advisor Giovanni Lesna Maranetto. He is Chief Commercial Officer of (Liechtenstein), a trading facility that is complying with the MiFID II ( the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2004/39/EC) regulatory framework. Giovanni is a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and ICO specialist. He spent his years in mutual fund sales before moving to implement tactical and strategic solutions for financial institutions. He gained exposure to crypto through trading and seeing the potential of blockchain technology. He is a top 30 ICOBench Advisor and brings a fresh yet critical perspective to the team. Drawing on his many years of experience, Giovanni is providing valuable advice as Azbit develops its multi-cryptocurrency exchange and investment platform.

- Giovanni, what is it that most existing exchanges lack?

The problem most existing crypto exchanges have is insufficient liquidity. On one hand, the market is saturated with such services. On the other, these exchanges often cannot meet their clients’ needs. This lack of liquidity brings other problems: delays in transactions, and a large spread (i.e. a big difference between selling and buying prices for cryptocurrency). With liquidity, the market is vibrant, but without it, traders lose a lot of opportunities.

- How will Azbit resolve this problem?

I joined the Azbit project because I can see that the team fully understands the current market situation, and is serious about tackling this problem. I believe that we have the opportunity to become, in time, one of the world’s top ten crypto exchanges.

Ensuring sufficient trading liquidity is vital for an exchange to function successfully. The funds raised, together with our contracts with other cryptocurrency exchanges, will enable Azbit’s multi-exchange platform to aggregate liquidity and ensure that it is sufficient for our users’ operations. In this way, clients will be able to carry out delay-free transactions at the desired price.

- Giovanni, what other specific strengths does Azbit’s project have, in your opinion?

Without doubt, the ShareTrade and CopyTrade services that Azbit plans to offer, and which no investment platform today provides. This is a fantastic new idea, both for investors and for experienced traders.

Let me say a bit more about them. As far as ShareTrade is concerned, similar PAMM( Percent Allocation Management Module) accounts have been used successfully for many years in the world of traditional finance, and allow both traders and investors to make money. But no one as yet — until Azbit, of course — has applied them to the world of cryptocurrencies. How will it work? A trader will open a ShareTrade account on Azbit’s investment platform and deposit a certain amount in it. Meanwhile, investors will study rankings of the best traders, and will be able to invest in a particular ShareTrade account. The trader will manage both their own capital and that of investors (in return for a certain percentage, of course). The trading profits will be automatically distributed between all the ShareTrade account participants in proportion to how much they have put in. Investors will save time, while traders will be able raise additional trading capital. This is definitely an innovative feature that is simple, convenient and rewarding.

- You mentioned trader rankings. Can you say more about how that will work?

OK, let’s say you’re an investor. You go on Azbit’s investment platform and see a ranking of dozens of traders. You study their statistics and strategies. You then choose, say, three pros with different strategies. And you drop, say, two hundred, five hundred or a thousand dollars, with each of them. At the same time, you set the risk percentage in your client area — this is very important. You don’t need know anything about finance, cryptocurrencies, trading or strategies: the professional will do it all for you. But at the same time you watch “your” traders trading, you see full reports from them, and you understand how your money is doing at that moment. Furthermore, when you register on other platforms, you cannot trust anyone with your assets: a trader might disappear tomorrow, so can they be trusted? Azbit’s transparent rankings resolves such problems for investors.

- You mentioned that an investor can choose, say, three pros. Why three specifically?

Giving advice is a thankless task (especially when comes to finance!), but I can say one thing for certain: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It makes sense to spread your assets across different accounts and different traders. That’s what the professionals do.

- So that’s ShareTrade. What about the specific features and advantages of CopyTrade?

CopyTrade accounts are ideal for absolute beginners. As with ShareTrade accounts, you choose a successful trader (or several), and a special program copies their transactions. In addition, investors can “pull out” their money at any moment! CopyTrade accounts are beneficial not only for investors, but also for professional traders. When traders use CopyTrade, the number of their transactions automatically increases, and their balance grows.

- That all sounds very simple on paper. But how easy will it be in practice?

Users of many investment platforms complain that the system is too complicated. They do not understand how to put money in: they literally do not know what to do and what to press. In Azbit’s client area, everything is accessible to the ordinary user: how to put money in, how to take money out, the risk, the interest rate, the profit. We want to help our clients, not confuse them, and we aim to make the ecosystem’s features as clear and convenient as possible.

I joined the Azbit project because I can see that it has a future. Its combination of CopyTrade, ShareTrade, and Portfolio Management accounts is totally unique: no project has done anything like this before. This is a genuinely promising area in the world of finance and a great breakthrough for a FinTech startup. Azbit is connecting users to an alternative asset class in a simple and effective way — with anyone having access to crypto returns, and not just a small elite.

- Giovanni, what is your forecast for Azbit for the coming year?

In a year’s time, we will have many competitors, because we were the first to offer ShareTrade accounts to the market, and other investment platforms will also start adopting this idea. But we will always be the first. Just like Apple will always be Apple, with their competitors awaiting their presentations and asking “What is it they’ve done now?” Similarly, Azbit will forge ahead and come up with interesting tools for our clients.

I believe since regulatory changes are all around us, Azbit is also in process of applying for licences that will transform Azbit into something truly interesting. This will allow the competitive edge and ensure longevity of the business.



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