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Azbit Adds Support For 4 More Crypto Assets

Dear partners,

We are pleased to announce that BTRS, IEOW, NWX and BFCL tokens will be listed on Azbit exchange.

We will enable deposits, withdrawals and trading for all newly added assets at 9 PM (GMT) August 12, 2020.

BitBall Treasure (BTRS) is a fork of BitBall (BTB), a unique treasure token generated to reward contributions made through BitBall. BitBall is an ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between digital currencies, exchanges, and customers. Available trading pairs: BTRS/BTC, BTRS/USDT

IEOW is a new exchange built to develop and make advances on initial exchange offerings (IEOs). “We are keened to making IEO real. We are building a different exchange with special IEO that helps users to get profits,” the team commented. Available trading pair: IEOW/ETH.

NIWIX (NWX) declares itself as an independent shareholder of large commodity companies. It supplies working capital to companies in the fields of mining, storage, processing, buying, selling, transporting of diamonds, gold, nickel and other raw materials. Available trading pair: NWX/ETH.

BFCL is a first cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East with fiat capability. The team is building a fully comprehensive digital banking platform. Available trading pair: BFCL /ETH.

To date, there are about 40 more crypto assets in line. Our listing department is processing applications and thoroughly checking projects.

We remind that project representatives can apply for a free listing by filling the form.

Congratulations to the teams and welcome to exchange!





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