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Azbit Announces New CEO

Max Zmitrovich stepped down from his role as Azbit CEO and referred day to day leadership responsibility to current Chief Marketing Officer Sergei Ermolitski. Mr. Zmitrovich will assume the position of Head of Commercial Operations.

Max Zmitrovich stated, “I believe that everything does happen for a reason. People appear in the right place at the right time for a purpose. It was that way with me and Azbit. My leadership was required when the project needed active negotiations, establishing business contacts, signing contracts, agreements. That was a difficult and fruitful time. Azbit has been successfully presented at the best world conferences — from the legendary Consensus to InsideFintech. We held several IEOs, completed the ICO. AZ token got listed on CoinMarketCap and a number of exchanges. After all, we got Mr. Roger Ver in the project and signed a strategic partnership agreement with But the era of negotiations, contracts and conferences has been left behind.

In recent months, the team is completely focused on the product development. And this is natural. This is exactly what we have been working for so long and hard.

At this stage of development all the power should be concentrated in the hands of our technology team and marketing department, and I have made a step back in leading the project. I gave all the decision making power and chasing the developers’ task to my co-founder, who has been in this project right from beginning. Sergei will take office but I’m not leaving the project and will keep supporting all the commercial activities of Azbit”.

Sergei Ermolitski commented, “As new CEOs usually say in such cases, “I am excited to be a part of Azbit”. For me it is more than a business and more than a project. For two years now, Azbit has been a part of my life. As a co-founder, I was there at the very beginning. We have already done a lot, but there are still many tasks and plans ahead. I want to thank each member of our community for his support and understanding.

At Azbit, we treat investors not as faceless clients but as friends and partners. Now, more than ever, we need your support and help.

Believe in the project, tell your friends about it because Azbit deserves to be known to as many people as possible. I believe that only together we will bring Azbit to success”.




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