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Azbit Exchange: 50+ Tokens To Come

Azbit mass listing campaign is underway and we now have over 50 listing applications from ARRR, DP, KAASO, BIRD, EXO, XWP, ETRX, ADS, NTK, LMY, HTT, GOL, AET, PYRO, KNLC, BAN, VTX, FAIL, DCA, MIA, DYNMT, INNBC, LTB, TAPS, PIC, UCS, MBC, XDCA, SRK, LGBTQ, XOM, BR1, BTCV, CPF, NINJA, RYA, VNG, SHND, XLMX and others.

Listing team is extremely busy processing all the requests. We run a background check of all projects so that only promising and trustworthy tokens get on exchange.

BTW. There are still FREE listing spots available for February!




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