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Azbit Exchange Lists 5 New Crypto Assets

Dear partners,

Getting a token listed is a powerful impetus to the success and strengthening of any ambitious crypto project. Our team is thrilled to announce the newest addition to Azbit family of assets. Today we’ve enabled deposits, trading and withdrawals for XSP, LGBTQ, OGODS, HOMA and EMTV.


The SpaikCoin (XSP) presents a solution for trade, payment, and transaction for products and services used in all the production chain of Spaik Technologies LTD (Spaik-Tech Studio). Available trading pair: XSP/BTC.

LGBTQ project is creating a social networking community with support LGBTQ members from around the world. Available trading pair: LGBTQ/BTC.

Gotogods (OGODS) is an innovative platform that allows fans to book live meetings with celebrities. Available trading pair: OGODS/BTC.

Multiversum (EMTV) is a relational blockchain as a service for crypto-relational database. Available trading pair: EMTV/BTC.

Homa (HOMA) is the first cryptocurrency project that will combine all the features of gaming services based on blockchain technology. Available trading pair: HOMA/BTC.

We remind that project representatives can apply for a free listing by filling out the form. ERC-20-compliant tokens and Bitcoin-compatible chains will be listed for free. Adding tokens of other blockchains is also possible, the integration cost is discussed individually.

Congratulations to the teams and welcome to exchange!




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