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Azbit Exchange To Be Launched Soon: Investbox, IEO, Blackjack And Crypto Social Network

The first module of Azbit exchange will be launched within a month. “Wait, did you say “the first”? How many are there?” — the most attentive crypto enthusiasts may ask.

The time has come to put it all out. Azbit exchange will combine two dozen of different modules.

Azbit will be a new generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, based on the principle of fusion. Our team keeps working on creation of a single logical ecosystem that will bring together many functions, services and tools. What is more, AZ token holders will get the privilege to pay all the platform’s fees at a discounted rate.

Cryptocurrency exchange

The core of the project is a cryptocurrency exchange, operating on the basis of matching engine. This is a software and hardware component that aggregates bids and offers together to complete trades.

The highlight: As they say, nothing comes for free. But we’re of a different mind: Azbit exchange is going to provide projects with a free coin/token listing.

IEOs module

Initial Exchange Offerings have become the main cryptocurrency trend in 2019. Therefore the IEO module is second on the launch queue.

IEOs will be held in two ways — Standard and Super. The latter is designed for projects that wish to raise funds with a minimum amount of time.

The highlight: Fundraising will be possible in AZ tokens only.


This module is created by analogy with traditional bank deposits. Everything is simple: you are making a crypto deposit to get interest.

The highlight: Interest will be paid on a daily basis.

Dice and Blackjack modules

Since cryptocurrencies are rapidly conquering the gaming industry, at once two modules of Azbit exchange will specialize in games on AZ, Ethereum and other digital money.

The highlight: Most online games lack the atmosphere of a real casino. Gamblers don’t see who is on the other side: is this a real person or a bot? We solve the problem at once in two ways. Firstly, each user will see the ID of the person whom he plays with. Secondly, gamblers will be able to chat with each other right in the game room.

“From 0 to Porsche”

There will be a special scale in the user’s personal area. For every action you take (trading, playing Blackjack, investing, participating in IEO etc.), a certain number of Azbit Points will be awarded.

The highlight: The more points, the larger the prize. (Spoiler alert: the grand one will be Porsche 911).

Cryptocurrency portfolio-backed lending

Users will be able to take USDT loans against their cryptocurrency portfolio (for up to 90 days at 6% per annum). The loan amount can reach 25–50% of the collateral.

The highlight: While some users will be able to take loans, others (extra USDT holders) will have the opportunity to open deposits and earn interest.

Margin trading

Users will have access to margin trading as well as margin lending. The maximum leverage ratio is 1:200.

The highlight: Demo accounts (with virtual money), where novice traders will be able to hone their trading skills.

Crypto Social Network

Azbit creates a crypto social network in some way. Users will be able to register their profiles, add new friends, chat with each other and, best of all, discuss strategies and share their deals and trades.

Azbit TOP 100

To encourage the most active customers and partners, we create Azbit TOP 100. The results are summarized on a monthly basis.

The highlight: The higher the ranking, the larger the prize.

And much more

  • Contests for traders (with daily, weekly and monthly TOP 10).
  • Cryptocurrency catalog providing data on market capitalization, current rates, graphs, and so on.
  • API for partners and developers (Major project’s functionality will be available via API).
  • Azbit team of developers is working on creating native applications for the Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as for iOS and Android.
  • Daily market reports on YouTube.
  • Video lessons. Even beginners will be able to cope with the functionality of the Azbit platform thanks to detailed and clear video instructions.
  • Affiliate program module. An affiliate program with a wide range of offers (CPA, CPL, etc.) will be implemented for our partners.

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