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Azbit has reached 100,000 followers. Congratulations!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the reached milestone of 100,000. The number of our social media and Telegram followers increased to 100,000 users!

Our social media is an inspiring look at the Azbit’s vision, potential, and prospects. We are working relentlessly to fill Medium, Facebook, Twitter etc. with reliable, relevant, and helpful information.

We are writing this post not to brag, but to share a beautiful moment with you. As all of Azbit followers are the part of our success story. The number of readers is a mirror reflection of the reality. Azbit is a worldwide family of like-minded people who are supporting us in our ideas and worldview. This is a family of dedicated crypto enthusiasts who are building the future today. The more our family grows, the more we feel being on the right track.




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