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Azbit Is Back To The World’s Front Pages

Our co-founder and CEO Max Zmitrovich gave a quote to, a global portal that provide the financial markets’ news and analysis. In the article, he shared a view of the current bear market.

Please, check the link for a full version of the article.

We read, “Experts on the field like Max Zmitrovich, a security token expert and the co-founder and CEO of the Swiss-registered financial services company Azbit AG, commented on the situation, “We are moving away from the wilder practices of the past couple of years, when one could buy dubious ‘utility’ tokens at an ICO and then sell them as soon as they got listed on an exchange, earning a profit of over 100%. With the current bear market, many projects fail before even reaching an exchange, and backers have become much more cautious and demanding — they want more than just a ‘revolutionary idea.’ They want stability and guarantees — and it is something that equity can provide.”

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