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Azbit Launches Crypto2Cloud Service

Azbit has released Crypto2Cloud project — a ready-made solution for launching your own cryptocurrency exchange.

Development of a crypto exchange is a lengthy, complex, labor-intensive and, let’s face it, expensive business. This process generally takes 6 months to a year. For your convenience, our team will undertake all technical issues so that you can enter the market in the shortest possible time.

We are looking for local representatives all around the globe, self-confident crypto enthusiasts who believe in the project and are ready to share the path to success with Azbit team.

Each of our investors and customers can profit from bringing prospective clients. According to the affiliate program’s agreements, you get 5% of the purchase price.

As is an integral part of Azbit infrastructure a certain percentage of its net profit will be used to buyback-and-burn AZ tokens.




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