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Azbit Launches Staking Service

Azbit is about to release the long-awaited staking service that allows customers to increase the value of their holdings.
For starters, we will offer staking rewards for NAZ, the native token of Naz Coin, a blockchain-based marketplace. Users holding 250,000 NAZ or more on Azbit exchange can get generous 80% per annum.

The service will be released at 6 PM (GMT) October 22, 2020.

Naz Coin (NAZ) is a blockchain-based marketplace. The unique advantage here is the automatic AI-matching of users based on their preferences.
“Our aim is to ensure coin’s recognition in 2021 and to protect users from inflation. It has been observed that all of humanity is now trying to cope with the same problems on our planet where coronavirus has spread. This has increased the importance of projects such as Naz Coin,” the team declared.

Other assets participating in Azbit Staking will be introduced later. Stay tuned!





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