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Azbit Launches THC Staking

We are pleased to announce that Azbit exchange customers will soon be able to expand passive income opportunities. Staking for Transhuman Coin (THC) goes live at 6 PM (UTC) February 10, 2022.

Transhuman Coin is a blockchain project merging biotech and artificial intelligence in the metaverse. It funds/invests in cutting-edge biotech projects, assistive technology, anti-ageing research.

Staking Conditions

  • ️The annual percentage yield (APY) is 1.5%.
  • Interest will be calculated daily based on the number of THC tokens staked on exchange.
  • Participants must have at least 500,000 THC tokens on their balance to receive staking rewards.
  • No lock-up period: staking participants can withdraw rewards at any time.

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