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Azbit Token Swap

Dear AZ token holders,
Azbit team has an important announcement concerning the official AZ token swap event.

As many of you know, the core problems of the Ethereum blockchain are scalability and processing speed, while transaction fees are excessively high.
For this reason, AZ token will be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard) to the Tron blockchain (TRC-20 standard). The new token will be implemented based on an updated smart contract.


  • The token swap will be carried out ONLY on the Azbit exchange.
  • In order to participate in the swap event, you need to transfer your ERC-20 AZ tokens to your personal account on exchange before May 1, 2022.
  • ️After May 1, 2022, ERC-20 standard AZ tokens will be automatically replaced with TRC-20 standard AZ tokens.
  • TRC-20 standard AZ tokens will automatically appear in your personal account on after the swap is completed, and they can be withdrawn without restrictions.
  • After the issue of TRC-20 AZ token, the team plans to list it on new crypto exchanges.

This announcement will be duplicated every few days in all Azbit channels and social media, as well as in the email newsletter. Stay tuned!

Azbit Team.




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