Enjoy All The Features Of AZMX Trading Platform

Dec 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Though AZ Markets multi-asset trading platform was launched just two days ago it has already aroused community’s interest. For your convenience, we have compiled a short guide on the main features of azmx.com.

AZ as a major currency

AZ token is a major currency on a par with USD, BTC and ETH.

Please mind: you can use AZ token-nominated account not only for trading cryptocurrencies but also for cutting deals on Forex and Stocks markets.

No need for additional exchange, all conversions occur automatically.

100+ crypto pairs

For those who are used to crypto trading the Forex or stock market may seem a bit complicated. In this case, you can start with familiar digital money: AZMX platform contains 100+ cryptocurrency pairs. Over time, you can try other markets besides the crypto one and appreciate all the advantages of 500+ instruments allowing to trade on Crypto, Stock, Metals, Commodity, CFD and Forex markets.

Exotic and rare pairs

It goes without saying that AZMX includes the most popular currency combinations, such as 7 major Forex pairs BTC/USD, XMR/USD, BCH/USD, BCH/EUR, BTC/GOLD, DASH/USD, ETH/USD.

AZMX also offers a range of rare combinations, such as XRP/JPY (Ripple/Japanese Yen), BNB/JPY (Binance Coin/Japanese Yen) etc.

In addition, exotic pairs (such as USD/ZAR (US Dollar/South African Rand), USD/TRY (US Dollar/Turkish Lira) etc.) are at the customer’s service. Trading exotic pairs is comparable to playing a long game. Profit is possible in the long run and requires a strong strategy.

Best trading software

AZ Markets offers MetaTrader’s MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. MetaTrader is a superstar in the world of trading. It offers the most sought after electronic trading terminals used by millions of professionals around the globe. Interesting fact: many traders are still using MT4 out of habit, rather than the newer MT5. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to download both (customers can do this in their personal area on azmx.com).

Alerts for best trading opportunities

For those who first use MT4 and MT5 terminals we recommend to explore “Alerts” tab. How does it work? Сonventional wisdom holds that the market changes every second, but it is not really. Experienced traders know: sometimes with an eye to catch the right price you need to be patient and wait. In order not to sit for hours staring at the screen you can set up an alert for a specific market event.

As soon as the price reaches a desired level you will receive a sound notification.

How to create an alert, you can read here.

Source: metatrader5

$10,000 demo account

“Practice makes the master”, so that customers can pump up trading skills without any risk.

Margin trading

At the moment, the leverage for Forex and Stocks is 100:1 but in the near future it will be increased to 300:1. Far-reaching plans include an increase to 777:1. Leverage for crypto trading is 5:1.

Will be available soon:

$22 reward for each referral’s lot

Introducing brokers get $22 for each lot their referrals make. This is the most generous offer on the market.

Deposit bonus up to 50%

You replenish your account (minimum $50) — and we increase the deposit.

Copy trading

Customers will get a possibility to copy trades of top traders directly to their accounts. This feature is particularly useful for beginners.


Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍 azbit.com


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Social Trading Platform💱Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍 azbit.com

Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍 azbit.com

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