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Letter From CEO

Dear friends,

Our yesterday’s announcement of launching IEO and rescheduling of AZ trading raised many questions. And now I feel it is time for an open conversation.

“Couldn’t you really hold IEO earlier?” You’re right. We would like to hold IEO until July 10, so not to ruin some plans — both our own and of our investors. However, the process of negotiating with the exchange is not the matter of a single day. To organize IEO, you need to discuss a lot of details, consult with lawyers, marketing experts, and investment specialists. Needless to say about the necessary groundwork, including the work of designers to create banners, launch a marketing campaign, and so on. Unfortunately, it was not possible to meet the deadline of July 10. Due to this, we are forced to appoint IEO on mid-July and move the ICO completion date by 20 days.

Why did we actually decide to launch IEO? As you know from previous news, Azbit conducted a series of negotiations in Asia, and also launched an ambitious marketing campaign there. The participation of Roger Ver, conferences, press interviews, blogger reviews — all these really heighten the interest of the Asian public in our project. We received several offers from the Korean exchanges to hold IEO. Taking into account the increased demand in Azbit project and the favorable situation on the market, we would have made a mistake if rejected the proposals received.

Dear partners, I must admit, our team is confused that some investors interpreted yesterday’s news as negative, because Azbit acted out of good intentions.

Azbit has repeatedly proved that it has always been acting in the best interests of the project and investors.

Exactly in the favor of the project we’ve launched Antidump policy when the market was in decline. We didn’t stop negotiating with potential investors, participating in specialized conferences to come into the spotlight. And, of course, the development didn’t stop even for a single day.

From the very beginning we decided to hold ICO because our investors are potential clients of our ecosystem. Involving a wide range of investors equates to attracting new users.

And now, when the project had an additional opportunity to attract new customers rather than investments, we were confident that current investors would support this decision. After all, the more like-minded people we have, the closer the success. The greater the demand for AZ token, the higher its rate and price.

Dear friends, despite the fact that yesterday’s news upset some of you, I’m still glad that it caused a heated discussion. Because it means that you care. This is evidence that you really care about the future of the project. That you take a careful look at all the news, empathize, criticize. All this is the best support for us. Because we also care. And we continue to work hard not to disappoint you.


Max Zmitrovich

July 9, 2019




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