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Listing Alert: BTT, HEJJ, VGD

Dear customers,
The team is pleased to announce that BTT, HEJJ and VGD tokens are coming to Azbit exchange.

Deposits, trading and withdrawals for BTT and VGD will be open at 9 PM (GMT or UTC+0 time zone) April 22, 2021.

Deposits, trading and withdrawals for HEJJ will be open at 9 PM (GMT or UTC+0 time zone) April 23, 2021.

About the projects

  • The name of BitTorrent Token speaks for itself: there’s tokenizing the world’s largest decentralized file sharing protocol with BTT. BTT is a TRC-10 utility token based on the blockchain that powers features of the most popular decentralized protocols and applications in the world. DApps powered by BTT include BitTorrent Speed, BitTorrent File System, DLive, and others in the pipeline.
    Available trading pair: BTT/USDT
  • Hedge4Token (HEJJ) is a team of cryptographers, traders, machine learning programmers and ethical hackers who implement intelligent projects (machine learning, AI, deep learning, quant algorithms) and have an ambitious plan to list their software company on Wall Street, London or Toronto Stock Exchanges in 6 years.
    Available trading pair: HEJJ/USDT
  • VANGOLD (VGD) is one of the world’s first blockchain-based freelancer platforms on the Binance Chain, working with 100% decentralized smart contract. “Our goal is to completely remove the worries we experience when purchasing a service or product on freelancer sites for example, the huge charges associated with transactions,” the team stated.
    Available trading pairs: VGD/USDT, VGD/BNB, VGD/BTC

Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form (prices start at 600 USDT).

Congratulations to the teams and welcome to!





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