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Listing Alert: GMB

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming listing of GAMB POWER TO THE MERCHANTS (GMB), a coin with a real use case in everyday e-commerce. Deposits, trading and withdrawals will open at 6 PM (UTC) February 15, 2022. Trading pairs: GMB/USDT, GMB/BNB.

GAMB POWER TO THE MERCHANTS, in partnership with GLMall, offers an online marketplace enabling merchants and customers to use crypto for day-to-day living expenses, e-commerce and fund transfers.

GAMB uses the parallel GMBT token to its listed GMB coin. “Based on GLMall’s unique Skyfiber blockchain, this revolutionary and patented parallel token solution allows crypto payments without any blockchain-related transfer or gas fees. The system is fully operational. Current and future use cases include online shops and customized solutions for specific countries, NGOs and microfinance organizations looking to adopt crypto as a means of payment,” the team stated.

Congratulations to the team and welcome to!

REMINDER: Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form.



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