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Listing Alert: MSPC

Dear customers,

We are delighted to announce that Azbit will add support for MonSpaC (MSPC). Monspac is a distributed data storage public chain without any central node. Its computing power depends on the calculation, storage and bandwidth shared by miners. Deposits, trading and withdrawals for MSPC will be open at 9 PM (GMT) October 15, 2021. Trading pair: MSPC/USDT.

About the project

With blockchain technology, Monspac expects to establish a brand new global storage system that replaces the centralized storage mechanism. As a product of the new era, Monspac integrated cutting-edge technologies such as dual Sidechain Blockchain, Cross-chain, and smart contracts. The construction of the Monspac network aims to break the barriers on blockchain data, enable large-scale commercial applications, and build a new blockchain 3.0 ecosystem to empower the Web3.0 era.

“Monspac has been trying to provide a new solution that integrates distributed data storage with high-performance public chains. We are committed to building a new infrastructure and provide a series of services based on it, including distributed storage, high-throughput computing and fast network transmission,” the team stated.

Congratulations to the team and welcome to!

REMINDER: Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form.





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