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Listing Alert: REDPANDA, ETIX, ANA

Dear customers,
We are glad to announce the newest listings. Please welcome REDPANDA, ETIX and ANA tokens!

Deposits, trading and withdrawals for REDPANDA and ANA will be open at 9 PM (GMT or UTC+0 time zone) May 17, 2021.

Deposits, trading and withdrawals for ETIX will be open at 9 PM (GMT or UTC+0 time zone) June 1, 2021.

  • RedPanda Earth organization is based on a strong charitable idea to save helpless endangered animals and imperiled natural ecosystems around the globe. The project’s native token REDPANDA, in addition to its primary role as a means of making donations, has been designed to give back in multiple ways (e.g., the team is working on increasing the value of the token through marketing efforts, partnerships, etc.)
    Available trading pair: REDPANDA/USDT.
  • ETIX’s vision is to create a decentralized platform that uses blockchain and biometrics technology and aims to provide peer-to-peer banking services to the global micro-economy.
    Available trading pair: ETIX/USDT.
  • “Anamnesis develops innovative platforms to make everyone’s life healthier. We redefine the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed, and paid for by implementing our deep expertise into these platforms,” the team stated. ANA is a digital currency that pays people for taking care of their health and fitness.
    Available trading pair: ANA/USDT.

Congratulations to the teams and welcome to!

REMINDER: Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form.




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