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Listing Alert: WKI, IND, UBQ, BANI

Dear customers,

Azbit adds support for WKI, IND, UBQ and BANI tokens, bringing the total number of cryptocurrencies on the exchange to 196. Deposits, trading & withdrawals for WKI, IND and UBQ will be open at 9 PM (GMT) September 16, 2021. Deposits, trading & withdrawals for BANI will be open at 9 PM (GMT) September 19, 2021.

About the projects

  • Wakanium is a DeFi and NFT protocol-based technology focusing on Yield Farming that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to explore a decentralized network of applications on the blockchain, making a more compliant and efficient way for everyone to fully partake in the global economy and enjoy financial instruments like permissionless loans, high interest savings, options trading, high yield liquidity pools, and trading of digital derivatives. Wakanium team decided to extend this privilege to artists and gamers by introducing non-fungible tokens. Trading pairs: WKI/USDT, WKI/BTC, WKI/ETH.
  • Independence coin is establishing a new standard for DeFi tokenomics with its innovative BuyBack system and game-changing use cases. The tokens are bought back from the market and then instantly burned, which is beneficial for investors: a true burn from circulating supply ensures that the price of the crypto asset will rise. The contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after each sale. A 10% fee per transaction is used for utility. Trading pair: IND/USDT.
  • Ubiquity is a business process outsourcing partner for transformational customer experience management. “The project was founded to fundamentally change the way customer care is delivered. Our approach is one of partnership and customization. We can help challenger brands scale quickly and easily with our flexible service approach,” the team declares. Trading pair: UBQ/USDT.
  • Bestyn is a marketplace that aggregates all local businesses in a specific area. It matches demand (customers/people living in the area) with supply (the local businesses). The dual purpose is to solve the problems of potential consumers and help them derive more value from daily needs and to enable local businesses to get more work and sell more products. Trading pair: BANI/USDT.

Congratulations to the teams and welcome to!

REMINDER: Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form.




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