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Mass Listing: February Discount

Dear partners,

Basic listing fee on Azbit exchange is reduced to zero. We abandoned the entry threshold for mutual benefit: young tokens get onto the exchange with access to a target audience of 80K, while Azbit receives an additional influx of customers from the projects’ communities.

To date, Azbit offers 3 service packages: Basic, Professional or VIP. The latter two include such market making services as trading volume generation, order book filling and token price support. Projects with a community of 3–5K or more will be allowed to pay a commission in their native tokens.

Azbit mass listing campaign is underway, and we are on the lookout for promising projects. It has already been confirmed that SpaikCoin (XSP), CryptoHoma (HOMA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Iqeon (IQN) and First Bitcoin (BIT) tokens will be added to the exchange in the short run.




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