Relaunch: Azbit Exchange 2.0

Jan 9 · 2 min read

Dear partners,

We are elated to announce that the long-awaited restart of the updated Azbit exchange took place.

The platform’s core was completely developed by the end of December but the design and interface required improvements. Thus, over the past few weeks Azbit focused on filling an outline with color, metaphorically speaking. Not all ideas have been translated into reality yet, therefore, the team keeps working on bringing exchange to the ideal. Improvements will never stop, including interface upgrades and adding new useful tools. As the saying goes, “slowly but surely”.

What’s new?

After the exchange had been paused Azbit crew made the following changes:

  • Initial interface has fallen far short of expectations. We fixed it: design and interface have become more polished, eye candy and user-friendly.
  • Liquidity aggregation bots have been set in motion.
  • An official landing page was released. This is a kind of Azbit calling card designed to bring together all platforms and tools — both operating and forthcoming.


  • Low commissions (0.1% of the transaction price)
  • 75% discount on platform’s commissions for AZ holders
  • Monthly bonuses for AZ holders (of the exchange’s total profit)
  • AZ withdrawal fee equals just 100 tokens

Coming up:

Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

At the moment, we are engaged in fulfilling the entry requirements to get Azbit exchange listed on both platforms. This is not a one-day event: for example, to be considered for a tracked listing on CoinMarketCap an exchange must be in operation for at least 2 months.

Marketing campaign

Launching a powerful marketing campaign is our priority. While engineers worked on the development, the marketing department concentrated all energies on creating a promotion strategy. Azbit marketing campaign will be launched after the team is convinced that everything works without a hitch. As you yourself know, promoting an unpolished product is the best way to waste money as it can disappoint new users. We are responsible to our investors and cannot risk the budget.

New tokens listing

Token listing on exchanges is an important stage in the life cycle of any blockchain project. Until the end of the month, about 20 promising new tokens will be listed on Azbit exchange. (BTW, project representatives interested in listing can send an application to


Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍


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Social Trading Platform💱Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍

Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍

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