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Roger Ver And Mate Tokay Joined Azbit Advisory Board

Every CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise does not go without sensations, and the present is not an exception: right on board, in the middle of the Mediterranean, was made an announcement of the partnership between Azbit and And now we are elated to announce that Roger Ver, CEO of and Mate Tokay, COO of are joining Azbit as our Advisors!

Since Azbit has succeeded in presenting the project for the first time at the Consensus New York 2018, the team of our associates is constantly growing. Industry professionals, blockchain enthusiasts and thought leaders support the project. Professionals and experts from around the world join Azbit team, and one thing unites all of us: the confidence in the success of the project, which provides the industry with something really new.

Roger Ver and Mate Tokay are always on top of things and have a good eye for the major upcoming industry trends — сertainly, this was the beginning of our significant cooperation. Our advisors’ boundless knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will raise Azbit project to the new level and offer our customers a truly great product.





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