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Roger Ver: “Go, Azbit!”

After successful negotiations in Tokyo, Azbit had moved to Seoul where a public meet up took place.

On the eve of the meet up, our advisor and CEO Roger Ver left for a business trip to Mexico, but, of course, he could not miss such an important meeting. But he found a way to support Azbit even being 10,000 miles away and joined us via video call.

“Just want to tell you about Azbit team and what they are up to because it thinks so well with what we at are up to. The short answer is we are trying to build useful tools to enable more economic freedom for people all over the world.”

- When I first met Azbit team I was really impressed with their competence. Long story short, they have really good team who knows what they are up to.

“I’m glad to be advisor for that project — and is glad to be supporter of that project as well.

Go,! Go, Azbit! Go Bitcoin Cash! Go economic freedom for the world!”

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